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You may want to get started in running or triathlon, hit a PB, maybe even achieve a national age group vest. 

The trouble is the following issues arise...

  • You may be new to it all and feel like you are on this journey alone

  • You have tried writing your own plan but you're unsure what to include and you simply don't stick to it

  • You keep getting the same results with little to no improvement​ and you don't know why

start with triclub and get the improvements YOU want WITH THE different PATHWAYS below...


YOU want to

get into running or triathlon

​You have been sitting on the couch and you're... 

  • Trying to get motivated to begin run or tri-training

  • You don't know where to start

  • You find you're out of breath within a few strides

  • You feel like you're doing this alone

Don't worry, all is not lost!


I (Ian) will help you find motivation and show you how to start with ongoing in-person/virtual support, provide you with a personalised tailored plan to get you from where are you now to where you want to be.

Well done for taking the first step, you are most certainly not alone.

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YOU ARE a runner OR a triathlete 

​You want to know how to...

  • Structure your training so you maximise your time and don't keep hitting the same old results race after race.

  • Include strength training in the programme to maintain good form and avoid injury.

  • Build a solid foundation over a season and peak in time for those qualification races.

  • Combine two or three of the sports and are unsure how to do this.

  • Access dedicated, personalised and tailored support specific to you.

YOU want



​You may struggle with...

  • Completing harder run/tri sessions on your own and need someone or a group of people to help push you through the pain.

  • Motivation to get going and need accountability

  • Training niggles and want support with strength work to avoid injuries so that you can last the distance in training and racing.

Running Groups

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"Excellent and patient coaching leading to accomplishing my first triathlon & a PB in my second. Upwards and Onwards!"

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Steve, Jenson Button 2 x Triathlon Finisher

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