By Ian Scarrott (TriClub Head Coach)

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In the blog post below we provide 3 MINI XMAS TIPS & give you a brief overview of 3 APPS to take your exercise to the next level:

1. EAT – To maintain optimum performance we need calories, it’s a simple equation of

>>> calories in - calories out (i.e. what the body uses normally day-to-day to function + any exercise undertaken which includes walks to the pub). Over Christmas don't worry too much about this, we all over indulge. Our advice is to relax, enjoy what you eat, it's unlikely in the space of a few days you are going to destroy your training. Equally on that note…

2. DRINK (Responsibly) – includes water, see the last article here regarding hydration. ... also we don't want you stumbling over and getting injured! We know from personal experience that injuries are not fun. We want you to be fit, healthy and ready to take on your 2019 goals!

Steve completed his first triathlon and second in one day, knocking off almost 5 minutes between races!
Race Day Support with Coached Athlete Steve at the Jenson Button Triathlon.

3. PRESENTS (use them well especially the FREE apps below) - Send us photos of you testing out your new gadgets – we love to see you guys enjoying yourselves and we will feature the best photos on our social media feeds via @triclubuk! That are the FREE APPS you may want to consider:

a. Training Peaks – You can link this with garmin and a number of other devices to establish training zones, miles and time covered, as well as recording stats like power and average heart rate. An excellent app to track your training towards your goals

b. Strava – effectively the Facebook of the exercise world. This software is available to live record all exercise. It will allow you to see distance covered on things like bike rides and runs. You can also join Strava Groups to link with and compete against other people! To join our Strava group please click here: