How to get through the 2020 Holidays!

Who wants 2 Free Christmas Presents? An Adventure? And 2 x Discounts?

First indulge me for a couple of minutes so I can help you get through the holidays, and demonstrate how exercise will help you feel better, after what has been a difficult year.

Do you think the holidays are a time for exercise?

Absolutely not! I need a break! I hear you... it has been a very difficult year for all of us, navigating a pandemic, potential employment issues, this word 'furlough' that didn't exist in 2019 (well it did but did we know it?), lockdowns, health, bereavement, limited weddings, and the rest.

However, as we close into Christmas and bubbles (something we only used to put in a bath), there is one thing that we can do which can bring us some relief.

Fitness, running, swimming, cycling, weights, gym work, it may be actually be a really good way to manage some of the more challenging aspects of Christmas, and it may also mean you can eat more Christmas Turkey or the vegetarian/vegan/fruitarian etc alternative!

Before we continue I promised you 2 Free Christmas Presents, so here you go:

Exercise is known to release serotonin and endorphins. These are two free Christmas presents which are accessible to you right now (if you want 2 actual free gifts scroll down, genuine gifts you can download now too)!

Both serotonin and endorphins will make you feel better, and put you in a more relaxed frame of mind, as you try to argue about who won the last game of trivial pursuit or who is going to win the brussel sprout eating competition (thanks Dawn French for that one).

Serotonin stabilizes our mood, it helps with sleep and processing food. Endorphins to put it crudely help you to be happy and relieve pain for a time. So why wouldn't you want all of this?

What better presents could you ask for, maybe a new bike right...? What's the rule again? N+1? Or is it dependent on a tolerant spouse?

Now you've had your gifts, what about an Adventure?