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Apologies for the text speak, but glad it got your attention as I think it's worth noting that there are a few races appearing around the country which is truly a positive step for the sport of triathlon!

Races will have new measures in place such as staggered starts, requirements around cleanliness and of course social distancing.

Now, if you're like me you have probably lost some race sharpness and may forget the odd thing when heading to the race, I once forgot my race shoes and so ran in my current trainers (thankfully I wasn't wearing flip flops and was wearing old race shoes - phew!).

In order to be race day ready, here are 3 top tips that will help you:

1) Preparation & Lists are key.

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Competing in three sports means there is a LOT of equipment to pack to make sure you perform at your best, and there are some essentials you will need in order to race, e.g. if you don't have goggles that is going to be one awkward and uncomfortable swim, no bike helmet will mean you are not even allowed to put your bike in transition (and therefore what's the point in even starting!), and no run shoes... you get the picture.

So to make sure you don't forget anything I have provided a free downloadable RACE DAY CHECKLIST that you can use. I hope it helps! Here's a preview below.

2) Build the wall.

Photo on unsplash by Coen van de Broek

Build the wall? What? Sorry, it's an awful pun where I am talking about using brick sessions in tr